the chunkiest
chocolate chip cookies
  • Bohh – zo lekker. Grote stukken chocolade en noten in mega koeken van 100gr
  • Wow wat zijn deze cookies goed. Super chunky, heerlijk zachte binnenkant, enorme stucken chocolade. Een feestje
  • Super lekker en super chunky

who's the moose

Head baker Mimi is an American who has been living in Amsterdam for several decades now. After travelling each year with a suitcase full of stroopwafels for family & friends to the USA, she returned with an equal load of chocolate chip cookies, which were enthusiastically welcomed by Dutch cookie lovers. They just couldn’t get enough.

So, Mimi took the logical next step and decided to bake these delicious cookies here instead. We guess some genes from her baking-mad grandmother must have helped to create this range of scrumptious cookies!

what's a moose all about

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